Manufacturing enjoying boom time centred in the Midlands

It seems that, despite what is sometimes inferred in the news, the Manufacturing industry is actually enjoying a period of growth. Research by the London Stock Exchange Group has found that one in six manufacturers has re-shored activities to the UK and the industry is gearing up for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, based on the ever-growing use of digital technology.[i]

And the exciting part for the Midlands is that it is dominating this resurgence. In a recent FDI report (published by the Financial Times) which listed the states and cities leading the sector, the Midlands region fared so well, that not only did it come top in the UK, it was also ranked the highest in Western Europe.[ii]

This comes as no surprise to Comtec Translations, who count among their clients some of the leading manufacturing firms in the Midlands, as Sophie Howe, Director explains. “Over the past year we have increasingly been approached by our Midlands based manufacturing clients to help with their expansion plans overseas. With confidence in how their firms are performing, they have seized the opportunity to grow by looking at new markets across the globe.”

This trend is not isolated to Comtec or the Midlands, with recent figures showing that Manufacturing now accounts for 45% of all UK exports[iii].

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